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This software is a free alternative to commercial online backups. Make backup onto your friends computer or backup to computers in your home network.

It is a real backup, not just a file copy, meaning you can recover from any point in time. E.g. find a file you deleted 1 year ago. Dropbox (free edition) only stores deleted files and version history 30 days back.

All files and paths are encrypted (128 bit AES) before leaving the computer so destination could be anywhere. Add multiple friends to gain redundant backup. Each host decides how much disk space a friend may use.

The program is both a client and a server so connections will be attempted in both directions. The backup will transfer files compressed, de-duplicated and encrypted to your friend's location. If the connection is dropped or your friend is offline it will continue when connected again.

Quick Start

First you link with your friend (your friend will do the same). User the same access keys. Remember to only share an access key with one friend.

Create a backup. Choose friend, add folders and pick a password for encryption

Press start

Technical info


	1.7 (2022-08-23)
		- Optimized memory usage and fixed memory leak when recovering
		- Optimized protocol. Both ends needs to update
		- Improved change status in dropdown when recovering (added, changed and deleted files)
		- Added feature to download all versions of a file. Right click file when recovering
	1.6 (2022-01-24)
		- Improved file filters using * as wildcards
		- Removed folder filters
		- Added check to prevent application to be started more than once
	1.5 (2021-10-15)
		- Improved compatibility. Works with Java 8 to current newest Java 17 
		- Added upload/download throttling
		- Added status to show if Friend is running backup
		- Improved backup restart/abort on error
		- Improved restore when missing or corrupted files
		- Fixed connection lost after backup deleted
		- Fixed restore of single file (when not within a folder)
		- Breaking protocol changes (you must update both ends)
	1.4 (2021-02-21)
		- Optimized recovering, removed temp file usage.
		- Better error message when server storage has been removed
		- "Check backup" now has a max size limit
		- Improved dead connection detection
		- Added button to install new version
	1.3 (2021-01-19)
		- Improved file recovery with retries until it is done
		- Improved file recovery UI
		- Added custom decimal format
		- Fixed out of memory bug when using file recovery
		- Breaking protocol changes (you must update both ends)
	1.2 (2020-11-09)
		- Improved performance. To often data was sent twice on slow connections
		- Improved dead connection detection
		- Improved connection status
		- Added new version check and upgrade button
		- Less logging
	1.1 (2020-03-17)
		- Fixed "Exclude hidden files" not working with folders (Windows only)
		- Fixed recover UI bug (empty file tree) if backup pointed to a root directory
		- Fixed some schedules not working
		- Fixed recover didn't respect destination folder on Linux
		- Added flag for recovering to orginal location
		- Removed one of the access keys. Now only one access key is needed when connecting to a friend.
		- Access key must be unique. Added button to generate access key 
		- Improved information when recovering files
		- Improved live log
		- Improved logon failure reporting (protocol change, you must update both ends)
		- Improved dead connection detection
		- Improved check backup performance
	1.00 (2019-03-09)
		- Changed name to MutualBackup
		- Added backup restore from new installation (e.g. after a harddisk crash) 
		- Added backup strategi ranging from "only check modify date" to "hash every file every time"
		- Added backup scheduling ranging from hourly to monthly
		- Added file size when browsing files to restore
		- Added feature to clone an existing backup
		- Added feature to run MutualBackup on start up (Windows only)
		- Improved hash persisting performance
		- Improved performance on backup delete
		- Improved performance when restoring
		- Improved retry logic when loosing communication packages
		- Improved keep alive ping / connection checks
		- Changed default file read throttle to 2 MB/s		
		- Fixed error in UI where file tree representation was not correct when restoring
		- Breaking protocol changes (you must update both ends)		
	0.28 (2017-11-07)
		- Improved backup/friend delete. Recalculates free bytes after delete
		- Added alder32 check to detect corrupted data in backup
		- Breaking protocol changes (you must update both ends)
		- Improved dead connection detection
		- Several UI improvements e.g. window size will be restored after restart
		- Setting to prevent system hibernate
	0.27 (2017-08-10)
		- Passwords are encrypted on disk. User should input password again
		- UI for file recovering is now able to recover back in time. Output directory can be changed
	0.26 (2017-07-28)
		- Breaking changes in storage format and protocol
		- 20% smaller jar file. Removed xstream using JAXB instead
		- Default backup throttle at 1 MB/s
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